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This activity is designed to introduce you to different types of activities and hobbies which might appeal to you and help you to spend your time wisely.
Looking Good

Famous Christians

You’ll need:

  • To look up a picture of Michael Faraday online.

Michael Faraday was a famous scientist. He lived in the 19th century and was the son of a blacksmith. Without his discoveries there would be no mobile phones, no computers and no internet. He didn’t invent these things but made discoveries about the way electricity and magnetism work that made them possible.

As well as being a scientist Michael Faraday was a Christian. He was a lay preacher who believed that the Bible was the true word of God. He was a man of great humility.

Because of his great discoveries he was offered the post as President of the Royal Society and a Knighthood too. He believed that Christ would not accept such worldly honours and so he refused both these accolades. He was a very clever man and used his brain to explore and understand the world his God had created but he never boasted.

In his Bible he had underlined the Job chapter 19 verse 17, ‘I am nothing’. This showed his humility. Despite his great intellect, Michael Faraday believed that compared to God who is Omniscient (all knowing) man’s knowledge was nothing.

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