Pause: Looking at self-esteem

This activity is designed to help you think about and raise your personal self-esteem.

We’re in God’s image

You’ll need:

  • A Bible
Read Genesis chapter 1 verses 26 – 31.

God created all human beings in His likeness. When He created us it was almost as if He were drawing a self-portrait or sculpting a model of Himself.

God put us in charge of all living things, which showed that, right from the beginning, He really believed in us and cared about us and He still believes in us and cares about us today.

God looked at His creation (that’s us) and was really pleased with what He had made. God loves us unconditionally and wants to be in a relationship with us.

  • Does it help your self-esteem knowing that God loves you and made you in His own image?
  • Does that mean that God looks like us?
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