Pause: Our emotions

This activity is designed to help you think about your feelings and how you manage them.
Looking Good

Share your feelings

You’ll need:

  • A Bible
  • Quiet music and something to play it on

The book of Psalms is a collection of poems found in the Bible and written long before the time of Jesus. The Psalms are poems or songs written by people who were just like us. They experienced all different kinds of feelings. Look in the Bible to find the book of Psalms. Explore the pages of Psalms to find people with different feelings:

How were the writers feeling in:

  • Psalm chapter 77 verse 4b – troubled/fearful
  • Psalm chapter 46 verse 1 – secure/safe
  • Psalm chapter 135 verse 3 – happy
  • Psalm chapter 4 verse 1 – distressed, etc.

The psalmists brought all their feelings to God, reflected on how He had helped them in the past and prayed for His peace. Sit quietly for a few moments, if appropriate play some quiet music, dim the lights and offer a short prayer to God asking Him, no matter how you’re feeling, to bring you His peace.

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